Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rick Steves Interview

Check out a fun interview I did with Rick that recently aired about my historical adventure novels. The first, Ghost Sea, takes place in British Columbia's wild northern islands and the second, Sea of Lost Dreams, unfolds in Tahiti and the Marquesas.

Romance, Anthropology and Sailing - all in one thrilling series! Stay tuned for the third installment of Dugger & Nello's adventures.

"It's Joseph Conrad meets Elmore Leonard."—Vancouver Sun

and the sequel...

Reviews for Ghost Sea:

“A great read; not only a gripping story but also one of the most dramatic and detailed sailing adventures of all time.” —Walter Cronkite

“Ferenc Maté has re-invented the genre we haven't seen since London and Conrad; polished writing, humanism and sheer adventurism.”—WoodenBoat

“An hypnotic tale written by a master mariner and story teller… Sure to be a treasured classic.”—Pacific Yachting

“What a novel! I loved it from the first pages….a novel of substance and a page-turner.”
Cruising World

“An action-packed sea adventure that's also an anthropological thriller.”—John Rousmaniere, author of The Annapolis Book of Seamanship and After the Storm

Reviews for Sea of Lost Dreams:

“Gut-wrenching action, characters so beautifully damaged that your heart will ache for them, with a storm saga that could only have been written by a deep water sailor. The best ‘Tahiti’ novel since Mutiny on the Bounty.”—Mark Anderson, Adventure TI

“Profoundly moving, deeply disturbing and terrifyingly beautiful. The characters are strong yet mysterious; the action is never-ending and compelling. Ferenc Maté is the leading sailing adventure writer of our time”—WoodenBoat

Sea of Lost Dreams will be a timeless classic. Mr. Maté has taken the baton handed him by Joseph Conrad and Herman Melville.”—Primo

“One hell of a storm-tossed voyage full of intrigue, romance and surprise. You won't put down Sea of Lost Dreams once you've cracked the cover.”—Cruising World

“A thrilling page-turner. A gripping search in a violent world of revolution in the South Seas of the 1920s.”
John Rousmaniere

Monday, August 19, 2013

Fountains of Sparkling Light

On a hot July evening - the night of the Savior - Venetians drag their kitchen tables and chairs onto the shores of the lagoon and sit down to a meal that lasts into the night. 

Near midnight, the sky comes alive. Fireworks bathe the ancient city in fountains of sparkling light.